Monday, March 7, 2011

School Life

Hi everyone, sorry for not updating my blog for so long.Time flies so fast ,I can't believe I am here for 3 months already.The biggest changes here is the language and school, the education system here is so much different.But I still enjoy school eventhought I have not make much friends,some of the subject i would even sit alone sad.I find it really hard to make friends here and to communicate with them,one of the main reason is because of the laguage, the other reaon is probaly because we don't have the same topic to talk about,I think that I have try my best,I have try my best to make friends and to talk to people,but I still fail.Its so fastrating,and it makes me feel like want to cry,whenever i am alone i will think of my friend that i have in Malaysia,it makes me so emotional.This is all for today,I will try to update my blog more often if i have time,and also to inform my friends in Malaysia i will be running during sports day for 200m,1500m,3000.See ya.

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