Thursday, November 25, 2010


Just updated my blog
thanks to my cousin Felicia... she help me a lot.

This morning, my brother went to my old neighbour's house. I tried to call him, but he did not pick up his phone, so i was worried ...I open his drawer... and found a piece of paper with a telephone i dial the number...a guy pick the phone up, i thought it was my old neighbour...
Me: Helo ?
Him: Who are u ?
Me: Wen Siu...
Him: Chang Wen Siu???
Me: Is my bro (Sean)there??
Him: Who are u ??? *again* (i think he was confuse)
Me: ......(confuse too )
*I put down the phone immediately *
After a while my bro came back ...that oni I discover he was my old primary classmate... I was shock and started shouting *omg*... my bro call him up to apologize...feel so paiseh.

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